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Discover True Asia

Asia is a continent so full of intrigue, adventure, solace and spirituality that it has fixated and confounded travelers for centuries.

Ibn Battuta Moroccan scholar, and explorer who widely travelled the medieval world. Over a period of thirty years, Ibn Battuta visited Central Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and China.

You could call him one of the earliest travel bloggers, he wrote accounts of his journeys in a book titled “A Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities and the Marvels of Traveling.”

” We haven’t quite solved space time travel yet but we can fly & surf the net. We don’t need 30 years, more like 3 weeks and a good travel agent.”

Asia is Earth’s largest and most populous continent, when we hear the word Asia the first thing that come to mind are names of Indian and Chinese dishes. Asia is much more than Tandoori chicken, Kung Pao or Pad Thai.

Home to some of the oldest civilizations, birth place to most of the world’s mainstream religions. Asia varies greatly across and within its regions with regard to ethnic groups, cultures, environments, economics, historical ties and government systems. It also has a mix of many different climates from hot desert in the Middle East, temperate areas in the east and to the vast subarctic and polar areas in Siberia.

Wrapped in rainforests, edged by golden sands, crowned by volcanoes, studded with ruins of lost civilizations.

Spirituality swirls around Asia, like the smoke from incense sticks. Get a taste of urban chaos in Asia’s mighty megacities. Skyscrapers rise above streets like crystal gardens, while at street level, traders hustle, food-hawkers hawk, and temples bustle with devotees toting their offerings.

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